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ADS Services LLC

About ADS

ADS Services began in 2006 by owner Todd Volmer. Todd has been in the pet industry since 1980 in his family owned Pet Center which specialized in beautiful salt water fish, coral reefs tropical fish and exotic birds.

After 26 years of retail service Todd started ADS Services Aquarium & Aviary maintenance company. ADS Services offers professional reliable, quality hassle free Aquarium and Aviary care to businesses & residentials throughout North Central Indiana & parts of Ohio.

ADS Services Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality, affordable and hassle free Aquariums and Aviaries services for our customer's with quality livestock and equipment for all customer's.

Customer Reviews

ADS has been with us here at Wesleyan at least 14 years and more. Todd is always prompt to answer phone calls and always comes in and is checking on our fish. If we run out of fish food they will always make it to bring more food. ADS has brought in an automatic fish feeder which has helped us out greatly they came in and explained things first and then put it in. ADS always makes sure that our fish tank is clean and colorful for the residents. ADS will come in monthly and clean and rearrange it for a different look. I am very pleased with ADS work here at Wesleyan. - Lynelle, Wesleyan Healthcare, Marion, IN.

ADS Services has been great to work with. They were great with the set up making sure we had exactly what we wanted. They are always there to provide the maintenance each month and ensure the tank is taken care of and looking great. It is a highlight of our waiting room and patients of all ages love it! - Krista, Family Medicine & Pediatric Care Geist, Indianapolis, IN

We love having the people from ADS Services do the maintenance on our aquarium in our office. They are very knowledgeable when we have questions about the aquarium and they are always very personable. When we had the tornado a few years ago, we lost power and then we lost all of our fish and then when the power came back on and we called them, they were here within 24hrs to clean the tank and save what they could and then restock the tank when is was safe to do so. We can call them at any time and they will help us with our problems in a quick manner. Our aquarium has never looked better than it has since they started doing the maintenance and we are very pleased with the results. Most people who stop in our office comment on how good the aquarium looks. - Wolff's Insulation Service, Oakford, IN

ADS is a remarkable program that puts the interest of our residents a priority in regards to the care and upkeep of our aviary. The ADS team is always willing to answer calls whenever a bird concern develops. Recently, we had multiple baby birds and ADS provided insight on how best to care for them between service. Our residents admire the birds daily and look forward to the decorations ADS provides each season. Thank you ADS for making the lives of our residents more meaningful and enjoyable! - Caroline, Lutheran Life Villages, Kendallville, IN.

My facility was blessed to have the opportunity to buy our Aviary from a local hospital. We contacted the original company that actually built & was providing the general service at the time. All was well however they were from several states away. ADS contacted our facility and offered to provide much more local service at a very reasonable price. We were not having any problems at the time & I felt if something is not broken, why fix it! So everything stayed as it was. ADS contacted us again later & stopped by for a visit. We talked and they had some examples of the service they would provide to my facility. During the visit, I was impressed with the examples of the way ADS decorated the aviaries, their knowledge of the birds and the birds nutrition in which I have no knowledge. A short time went on & I continued to think about the visit & finally decided to call ADS. The rest is history, we absolutely love working with ADS! They are always just a phone call or E mail away. So dependable, ready to answer any question at anytime. I am more than comfortable recommending ADS to anyone that is considering their services. - Tammy, The Village at Kendallville Nursing Care and Rehabilitation, Kendallville, Indiana